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75 E. Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Erikc Perez-Perez

Phone: 704-668-6870

Presentation: September 27, 2018

NBA Contact

Forrest Jinks

Phone: 707-932-5887

Company Description 

Resonado introduces the reinvention of the speaker. Our patented design is 70% thinner and lighter and 40% more energy efficient. Our vision is to foster innovation across industries, as our technology enables us to replace every speaker in every product globally. 

Deal Status

Deal Update 11/11/18

History Highlights:

                5/2017: Founded

                1/2018: $50k in consumer sales in market testing

                6/2018: Pivot to B2B

                6-8/2018: ABC Accelerator Program in San Jose

                9/2018: Top 5 Pick at TechCrunch Disrupt

Current Update:

                Business: 20 Prospective clients awaiting sample kits; 3 in proposal stage: including leading global manufacturers in the automotive, consumer electronics, marine, recreational vehicle, and home theater industries.

                Funding: Seed Round $600k-$1M; Total Currently Committed $190K

Action Required:

                $410K to complete see round