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Oakland, CA 

James Norman

Cell: 517-282-7201

Presentation: July 23, 2019

NBA Contact

Lance Cottrell

Cell: 571-294-5374

Company Description 

Pilotly is an audience insights platform that captures data through an interactive experience and synthesizes it into meaningful insights. We call this data, audience signal. Using Audience Signal Processing (TM), we make complex research simple, fast and cost efficient for any organization spending against media content.

Deal Status

Update 9/10/19


History Highlights

Year 2:  $170k

Year 3:  $188k

Year 4:  $610k ($1M forecast for 2019)


Current Update

July and August both profitable over $110k

Signing contract with Redbull


Action Required

  • Looking for introductions to brands

  • Still have $150k open on our $350k bridge that will allow us to take advantage of the growth in front of us, getting us to $2M run rate in 12 months.