Participant Assistive Products

San Francisco, CA 

Keoke King

Phone: 415-218-8278

Presentation: July 23, 2019

NBA Contact

Greg Cho

Phone: 707-571-5745

Company Description 

Participant makes affordable assistive products, starting with a wheelchair for kids. We’re serving the world’s largest minority group, people with disabilities. As the first medical device B-Corp, we are a market-based answer to WHO’s call for affordable solutions for their entire Priority Assistive Products List.

Deal Status

Received Funding from an NBA Member. Update: 9/23/19

The raise is a Revenue Loan with a repayment amount of 1.5 X the investor's initial investment. We will pay from 5% of revenue. Based on this recent trip it looks like our revenue projections are quite achievable. We are seeking an additional $90,000 from accredited investors. And, we are open to investments as small as $250 via our Wefunder campaign, coming soon.

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