S2 Genomics

6712 Preston Ave, Ste D

Livermore, CA 94551

Stevan Jovanovich

Cell: 925-413-5952
Email: stevanj@s2genomics.com

Presentation: January 29, 2020

NBA Contact

Cliff Detz

Cell: (415) 609-9891
Email: detz@sbcglobal.net

Company Description 

S2 Genomics, Inc. (Livermore, CA) has developed the Singulator™, a patent-pending system that automates and standardizes the production of single cells or nuclei in suspension from solid tissues. The system integrates an instrument, single-use cartridges, and reagents to quickly and gently dissociate solid tissue samples for the rapidly growing $2.3b single cell analysis market, including scRNA-Seq, snRNA-Seq, and ATAC-Seq applications, solving the main pain point for customers. Six pre-production prototype systems have been deployed and validated at key opinion leaders and genome centers, and the production of commercial systems is underway.

Deal Status

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