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The NBA is organized to operate as a voluntary and non-profit group for its "Angel Investor" members. We provide a forum for members to meet entrepreneurs seeking help for their companies. The NBA does not provide investment advice, recommendations or guidance to its investor/members with respect to the company/entrepreneurs. Once a company has presented its business plan at a meeting, the members who have an interest in exploring investment and mentoring opportunities with that company will do so individually and privately with the company.

Business Meetings

The NBA arranges business dinner meetings for its members approximately every two months at a local conference center.  The meeting includes a time for networking, a presentation of two or three companies, and an after-presentation period to meet the management of the presenting companies.

North Bay, early-stage companies present their plans to achieve meaningful business milestones, typically with a capital infusion of between $250,000 to $1,000,000. The fact that these companies are in their early stages implies that these investments involve great risk. Priority is given to opportunities that are related to healthcare and biotech, energy and cleantech, information technology, web-based businesses, business services, communications technology, and software. Business opportunities from other industries that are of interest to NBA members are sometimes also presented. In many cases the presenting company already has other funding sources, and the interested NBA members would provide only a part of the company's requirements.

Presenting Companies

The Program Committee of the NBA screens companies seeking investment before presentations are made to the full membership. Participation on committees is voluntary and without compensation. Presenting companies are asked to follow a format that covers key issues required for making an investment decision. The committee determines a company’s suitability for presentation based on the interest of the members and the completeness of the company’s proposed presentation. Selection does not imply an endorsement of the company, its presentation or the offered investments. Interested NBA members conduct their own due diligence.

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