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Deals Financed

Alantro Communications

Alantro is a “fabless” semiconductor company producing proprietary, state-of-the-art, standards based integrated circuits for communications applications. The company is currently addressing emerging, potentially high growth markets with cost effective, high data rate wireless Ethernet solutions. Alantro was bought out by Texas Instruments.


Allied Cash Advance

Allied Cash Advance is a specialty finance company focused on providing payroll advance services to consumers from its 38 locations in California and Arizona. The Company typically locates stores in middle income strip malls with a strong anchor tenant such as a grocery store (Safeway, Railey's) or large box retailer (Wal-Mart, K-Mart). Formed by two former Investment Bankers from Montgomery Securities, the Company expects to continue its rapid expansion in the Western United States.


Altus Equity

Altus Equity Group LP is launching a fund to buy distressed SFDs w/o leverage, obtain rents, and then use LOC to buy flips to boost returns. With their substantial experience in purchasing, repositioning, managing distressed assets, and hands on approach to asset accumulation and performance, results in stronger than expected returns on the risk/reward spectrum.



We have developed integrated furniture workstations for high intensity computer users, such as software developers and CAD engineers. The sit-stand office is ubiquitous and customers in this $9.5B market are looking for what is next, especially to help them focus productively. Our furniture integrates with the screen and keyboard, allowing seamless interaction with the computer while sitting, standing, collaborating and it excels at focusing.


Angaza Design

Angaza Design is a for-profit social venture that creates technology solutions for the global base-of-the-pyramid population. Angaza co-created, developed, and tested our first generation solar LED light, the SoLite-1, in Tanzania and has sold several hundred units in 4 countries. Angaza will use this success to develop the next version of the SoLite to include mobile money-enabled pay-as-you-go hardware and cell phone charging onboard.


ANPC (Integrated Aviation Solutions, (IAS))

IAS is the majority shareholder in Advanced Navigation & Positioning Corporation (ANPS) located in Hood River, OR. ANPC produces transponder-based precision approach landing systems, including TLS™ Transponder Landing System and the Firefly™ tactical TLS. In December 2001, the FAA granted Type Acceptance to the TLS and designated the system operationally suitable for use in the National Airspace System. The FAA’s action follows its 1998 certification of the TLS as a Category I precision landing aid that can provide precision guidance in adverse weather with a cloud ceiling as low as 200 feet and visibility as low as ½ mile.



Enterprises know they're at risk. With Target and other breaches happening daily, companies need to target the root of the problem - the human factor. Apozy utilizes simulation games which engage the most important asset in the company, the people. We replace existing boring compliance mandated security training with bite-sized cybersecurity modules. For the first time, information security teams gain actionable insight into their human security and we empower them with the information they need to implement smarter policy and infrastructure.


AR Analytics Corporation

AR Analytics has developed high speed software for the identification of financial problems in the healthcare, insurance and financial service sectors. The Company was founded in August, 2000, and has satellite offices in San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, and Jacksonville, Florida. Current clients include major medical centers. Licensing and joint venture negotiations are underway with other software firms, consulting organizations and healthcare service organizations.


Array Health Solutions

Array Health Solutions is an employee benefits company whose purpose is to expand access to health benefits to more working Americans. Array provides employers with a compelling alternative to traditional group health insurance. Array’s innovative solution delivered through its proprietary software as a service (SaaS) platform offers employers several powerful value propositions, including health benefit cost predictability, funding flexibility, and greater employee policy choice.


AskVet (Formerly Vet24seven)

Vet24seven is a mobile platform and veterinary service network that provides telehealth and telemedicine animal care via virtual veterinary consultations (v-Consults) on tablets and smartphones with real-time video or text chats. Vet24seven brings mobile technology to veterinary practice, making animal care more convenient and accessible for the consumer—a perfect fit for a busy, time-burdened lifestyle.



AspenAir addresses the growing Indoor Air Quality market. We manufacture and distribute high efficiency air filtration products, specifically a line of the most powerful Electronic Air Cleaners available on the market today. High efficiency air filtration removes harmful Respirable Small Particles form the airstream. Our systems retrofit into and integrate with residential and commercial air handling systems, allowing low-efficiency environments to become high-efficiency with a simple change-out of their current filter media. AspenAir sells their products through the HVAC equipment distribution channel.


Autonomic Networks, Inc.

Autonomic Networks, looking for seed stage financing, is developing a novel system for Enterprise Network, Security, Command and Control. Initially targeted at moderate to very large sized enterprise networks, the autonomic approach is based on monitoring the massive data flows and detecting and controlling information or events that are not normal.


Axiom Cloud (Formerly Axiom Exergy)

Axiom Exergy makes the Refrigeration Battery®, an energy storage system that is 75% cheaper than any traditional behind-the-meter battery system. It helps supermarkets and refrigerated facilities increase their razor-thin profit margins by: (1) Shifting electricity consumption away from on-peak hours when electricity prices skyrocket, and (2) Reducing the risk of food spoilage during power outages. Update 11/1/19: They have transformed their team to be software/Al focused, and released the Axiom Cloud (software-only) platform.


Blue Buzz Networks, Inc. (InformiFI)

InformiFI is the next generation of online news. Using our proprietary patent-pending algorithms and our "secret sauce" Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, InformiFI is able to identify and organize breaking news and drive traffic to our network of consumer-facing news sites in an extremely cost-effective and capital-efficient manner. So, whether you’re a celebrity gossip hound, a sports nut, a politic junkie or anything at all really, Informifi is the one-stop-shop for all your real-time news needs.



BuzzHub is an interactive media company providing a powerful, interactive, self-service platform that offers marketers a one-stop shop online to buy and load ads in malls, theaters, and other locations where people congregate.


Capton, Inc.

For restaurants, bars, hotels, and catering operations, Capton's BeverageTracker[BT]consists of PC software, wireless receivers, and multiple bottle spouts that provide free-pour liquor dispensing tracking in real-time. Beverage Tracker spouts have no control wires, are completely self-contained and provide data as to which spout/bottle was activated, the time the pour took place, and the amount of the pour in ounces or milliliters. An unlimited number of spouts may be used with a single receiver. Information from the spouts is aggregated in a wide variety of reports for viewing on a customer’s computer or via a website and web browser. Until Capton, this information was not readily available to food and beverage managers and has been proven in over 125 installations to provide the ability to significantly reduce operating costs—to the point where payback is a matter of months.


ClairVoyante Laboratories, Inc.

ClairVoyante develops and licenses technology for the Flat Panel Display Industry that significantly improves cost/performance. A deeper understanding of human vision and perception underlies PenTile Matrix “Technology for Human Vision”, a new architectural standard for color flat panel displays.



A novel device for remote monitoring of data-rich patient information in catheter-based treatments: optimize care, reduce morbidity & reduce cost. Early treatment complication detection will change the standard of care for End-Stage Renal Disease, while saving $2 Billion annually in preventable costs. (Formerly IntellectMarket, Inc.)

IntellectMarket, Inc. was founded in September 1999 to create a global exchange for reusable software components. IntellectMarket aggregates software components for access via the Internet, provides consulting services to medium and large corporations for maximizing internally and externally-developed components, and provides the technology necessary to do so. The company was sold in December 2001 to a collaboration software company.


DayOne Response

Addressing the global need for emergency water, DayOne Response developed the DayOne Waterbag, a low-cost 2.5-gallon water backpack providing: collection, transport, treatment and protected storage. It is specifically designed to expand the usefulness of the Procter & Gamble's Purifier of Water packets that are distributed worldwide. DayOne Response increases the effectiveness of relief organizations, military, and ensures domestic preparedness.


Demandbase, Inc.

Demandbase offers software and services to help businesses increase revenue by improving the quality and financial return of their investment in sales lead generation. The company’s “Lead On Demand” solution offers sales and marketing professionals an easier way to prospect for new customers or build a marketing list for email, telephone or mailing. Sign up is free, there are no minimums or subscriptions required, and users pay only for the leads they want to purchase.


Donation Pay

DonationPay provides innovative online fundraising tools and payment processing for non-profit organizations. Our agile service is tailored to support every fundraising strategy, with customized payment pages, an intuitive proprietary gateway and essential features like mobile and peer-to-peer giving. We're non-profit development geeks on a mission to change the way organizations raise money online.


EdgeWave (Formerly Red Condor)

Red Condor is a Managed Service Provider of comprehensive email security systems that eliminate spam, viruses, spy-ware, phishing schemes, and other offensive content – dynamic, “living” threats to security and productivity. Red Condor’s next generation, behavior-based filtering technology eliminates fraudulent and predatory email based on absolute criteria that results in decisive action. The system’s design has built in zero tolerance for lost email, resulting in a near-zero false-positive rate while achieving long term spam block rates exceeding 97%. The solution is precise and effective, establishing Red Condor as an industry thought leader with enthusiastic customers throughout enterprise, government, and service provider markets.


Endologix (Formerly TriVascular Systems)

TriVascular Systems, Inc. is an emerging medical device company specializing in the development of innovative implant devices for the endovascular treatment of vascular disease. TriVascular is a rapidly-growing, venture-funded start-up company committed to developing new devices that address unmet clinical needs. TriVascular’s first products are next-generation trans luminally placed (via catheter) endovascular grafts (often referred to as stent grafts), for the treatment of aneurysmal disease in the thoracic (TAA) and abdominal aorta (AAA).


ESI (Formerly Visicon)

Visicon is the technology leader in machine vision for the sub-micron inspection market and the market leader in medical stent inspection systems.



With a 1st mover advantage, Evergram is launching a Group (many-to-one) messaging platform whereby guests (100+) of an event can quickly create and send video memories to an event's honoree - auto delivered on a future date (patent-pending) in a beautiful online Evergram wall. We've inverted YouTube's (one:public) model + Dropbox's cloud storage + BlueMountain's future delivery + Collaborative Social Gifting by guests.


FanCompass (Formerly GAGA Sports & Entertainment)

Headquartered in Novato, CA, FanCompass is a fan-tech company that is transforming the sports sponsorship model for the post-pandemic economy. FanCompass works with clubs across global leagues including the NFL, NCAA, MiLM, USL, NWSL, and EPL.



Fluxion Biosciences has developed a revolutionary microfluidics technology that enables high performance, high throughput, economical cell-based assays for use in drug discovery and development. The company is targeting critical development bottlenecks in such areas as cancer, auto-immune and cardiovascular disease, and drug toxicity screening.


Gemteq Software, Inc.

The eGems’ vision is powered by Gemteq Software, Inc., a privately held corporation. Its mission is to provide innovative solutions to simplify the collection and usage of information found on the web or any electronic source. eGems Collector is the first step towards a suite of Internet products and services aimed at business, content providers and e-Research communities.


GMI Capital Corporation (Global Mezzanine)

GMI is positioned to become one of the first financial intermediaries focused on the globalization of the technology industry. GMI’s objective is to become the leading innovator and preferred provider of customized debt financing solutions and value-added advisory services to small-cap technology enterprises experiencing international expansion.


GoalTribe, Inc.

GoalTribe is revolutionizing the $10 billion self improvement industry with a breakthrough, web 2.0 goal-achievement process. GoalTribe addresses the top pain point for the exploding $3.3 billion Personal Coaching industry by providing an online extension of a coach's services. GoalTribe expands naturally into the broader self help category through its consumer subscription service and ad-supported digital content.



GoldMail is a new category of communications: Voice-Over-Visual Messaging. GoldMail makes it simple to overlay your voice over any content and send the resultant audiovisual message via email or post it online. GoldMail is personal, powerful and simple, and it provides everyone – quickly and at a very low cost – the means to send high-impact communications (audio-visual messages) to their prospects, clients, employees and partners. GoldMail is a hybrid web/downloadable software service which is sold on a monthly or annual subscription basis.


GoSeek (Formerly

The independent source for personalized reviews of hotels, resorts and places to stay.


Guardian Angel Holdings, Inc.

Guardian Angel’s mission is to be the great company whose innovative consumer products empower people to make better health and wellness decisions. The Company’s first initiative is a revolutionary new consumer product that helps those drinking beer with friends or wine with a loved one know if they are okay to drive home and possibly avoid the life-changing mistake of DUI or worse. The product is a simple, inexpensive, highly accurate, non-intrusive alcohol test that, in two minutes, gives drivers information about their actual alcohol level.



Gynesonics, founded January 2005, is a development stage company focusing on minimally invasive devices for women’s health.


HomeAway (Formerly EscapeHomes) is the leading online marketplace for vacation real estate and resort properties worldwide, making the search for second homes easier by bringing remote vacation properties closer to home via the Internet. features detail-rich descriptions of vacation homes and resort destinations, profiles of high-quality real estate agents and resort developers, decision support tools, and a library of resources and advice specific to second home living. Buy, sell, and learn about maintaining your vacation home.


iMind Education Systems

iMind education systems provides an efficient internet-based, affordable way to deliver high quality, state curriculum based instructional management tools to classrooms and personalized instruction to meet individual needs. Amanda’s mission is to unite students, educators and parents in a community that encourages learning through on-line communication.


IntelliGeneScan, Inc.

IntelliGeneScan, Inc. founded in January 2006, is an early stage biotech company focused on developing a minimally invasive, yet highly accurate, diagnostic test for the detection of colon cancer. Continuing research is being conducted in partnership with California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute in San Francisco.



IrriGreen makes an IoT digital sprinkler system that saves 50% the water used in landscape irrigation. Their system centers on an IP protected technology leap, using software techniques from inkjet printing, to vastly reduce the amount of water wasted. They sell it using an IoT service business model that drives recurring revenue. They have over 200 systems sold and installed.


Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream

One Line Pitch: Laloo's is America's first guilt free ice cream made from 100% goat's milk; good for the body, good for the planet and oh so delicious!

Business Summary: Laloo's makes creamy, delicious lactose friendly ice cream and frozen yogurt for people sensitive to cow or soy milk. Cup for cup it is better for the human body with much less fat, more calcium, minerals and nutrients than any other ice cream. All our milk is from small family farms contributing the economic and environmental health of rural America. Goats are not given hormones and Laloo's is a leading supporter of clean farms and clean water.


Liftopia, Inc.

Liftopia is a yield management and distribution platform dedicated to the mountain resort industry. Founded by former Hotwire employees, Liftopia helps leisure providers benefit from the best (and avoid the worst) practices of online travel.



Lingrove manufactures sustainable bio-based products for interior applications. Its Ekoa line is a high-performance, carbon-negative composite made of natural fibers and already proven in mass production with sports and leisure categories. Ekoa surfacing and panel products are sold to leaders in surfaces and furniture and are cost competitive with premium wood options.


LOCATION-net, Inc.

LOCATION-net is an application services provider that enables a business to identify, target and reach its customers through the proper selection of business locations. LOCATION-net’s proprietary technology integrates approximately ten private, public and proprietary data sources and interprets them with over 125 years of real estate experience turning raw data into useful information. LOCATION-net is initially targeting the retail real estate industry. They launched their internet business in November 2000. The company will develop additional products for other segments of the real estate industry. LOCATION-net has merged with The Green Group to become Market Insite Group. Sold company to Asterop.


Luma Therapeutics

Luma Therapeutics is an immunotherapy company focused on helping the 40M people in the US with inflammatory skin disease. We've signed a co-development deal with the Mayo Clinic to bring the Luma Light System to market and have conducted testing at Redwood Family Dermatology to show its effectiveness. Our initial target market is the 7.5M patients in the US with psoriasis.


Materna Medical

Materna is developing a device to prevent maternal pelvic damage during childbirth, and to ease the delivery process. Over 80% of women who deliver vaginally will suffer from tearing which creates significant short term consequences, and roughly ½ of women will suffer from permanent pelvic muscle damage that will lead to pelvic disorders later in life. Damage from childbirth is the leading factor contributing to the development of pelvic floor disorders such as pelvic organ prolapse, urinary and fecal incontinence, and approximately 11% of all women in the US will undergo surgery to treat a pelvic floor disorder, and over 1/3 of all women currently suffer from symptoms.



Modify designs products that enable our fans to show their colors. At our core is a focus on personalized service and a thriving community.

Business Summary: Modify is a 2.5-year-old business that designs mass-customized products (a la NikelD, Timbuk2, etc.). Our unique twist is adding interchangeability, enabling customers to “refresh” their looks and extend the value of purchases. We have sold over $900,000 of our first product, the Modify Watch, with retail placement in Best Buy and custom orders for Google, HP, Deloitte and more. We create products that allow customers to “show their colors.”



Naborforce's tech platform connects older adults and their family caregivers to a network of community members (called “Nabors”) for on-demand assistance and social connection. As the number of older Americans is set to triple in the next 3 decades, the number of family caregivers available is dropping in half. By tapping into an underutilized segment of the population - namely empty-nesters and retirees - and repurposing them into "backup sons and daughters," we are addressing social isolation as well as this country’s growing caregiver gap.


Nietech Corporation

Nietech Corporation, an affinity marketing company, has launched its Member Card program in Sonoma County. The unique integration of “high tech” and “high touch” enables shoppers to direct a portion of a purchase from participating merchants to a school or local nonprofit organization of their choice using the Member Card.



NonProfitEasy™ was born out of a need to help nonprofit organizations streamline the management of their businesses. We wanted to give nonprofits a cost-effective answer to juggling databases, running cumbersome reports, and troubleshooting technology issues so they could focus on their cause not on their struggling technology challenges.


OMware, Inc.

OMware, Inc. develops, sells and supports technology solutions for construction management. Its flagship product is The Master Builder-a full suite of task-oriented applications that delivers increased profitability to construction businesses. OMware provides a high level of support, including live, Internet-based distance training, a national network of certified Associates, and expert technical and customer services. OMware was acquired by financial software giant Intuit, Inc. for $42 million in stock. Intuit acquired by Sage.


Onboard Dynamics

Onboard Dynamics is a revenue-generating company that has developed unique, patented, and versatile natural gas compression technology for driving down emissions. Our products include the GoFLO® Compressor (launched in Fall 2018), the GoFILL® Refueler (launched in Summer 2020), and the GoVAC™ System (recently launched in June 2021). With our products and services, customers can adopt best practices for performing natural gas pipeline operations, for recovering methane from a variety of sources, and for transportation refueling of natural gas fleet vehicles.


OnWafer™ Technologies Inc.

OnWafer™ Technologies Inc. is a technology-based venture whose objective is to provide novel measurement and control solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our products and services improve line yield and overall production efficiency while reducing the need for expensive, off-line metrology equipment. Our initial product line includes wireless in-situ sensors that can be deployed with minimum disruption to the production line, and they provide a highly detailed view of processing conditions.


Participant Assistive Products

Participant makes affordable assistive products, starting with a wheelchair for kids. We’re serving the world’s largest minority group, people with disabilities. As the first medical device B-Corp, we are a market-based answer to WHO’s call for affordable solutions for their entire Priority Assistive Products List.


Phyllom BioProducts

Phyllom BioProducts Corporation is an ag-biotech R & D company with novel, market ready bio-insect control products that control borers, grubs and beetles. The Company’s first three patented products provide a safe and efficacious alternative to chemicals. Phyllom’s technology platform will provide 2nd generation products with reduced COGS or improved efficacy. Its customers are foresters, lawn care pros, farmers and crop science distributors.


Physicians, Inc.

Physicians E-Care.Com is a development stage Internet based communications portal designed to improve physician productivity and profits by managing patient-physician communications with proprietary expert systems and databases.


Pregnancy Coach (Formerly Smart Human Dynamics)

Smart Human Dynamics has developed the Pregnancy Coach System, a wearable device and digital health solution for prevention of premature birth and other pregnancy complications. A clinical trial is currently underway at the Mayo Clinic, which is also an investor in our company. The Pregnancy Coach will be the first OTC pregnancy wearable cleared by the FDA, which enables us to sell the product through doctors as well as directly to consumers.



RABBL is a social booking platform that takes the risk out of the $9B live music business. We let fans prove demand for concerts in advance. As our platform grows, artists, bookers, venues, and promoters will rely on us to make smarter decisions and pack venues. And we'll gather revenue every step of the way.


Reality Gap, Inc.

Reality Gap is a publisher of Massively Multiplayer Online Computer Games with a unique revenue model called MetaTIX. MetaTIX acts as a virtual token system and has the potential to become a universal e-currency for the online game world. The Company is led by Michael Williams, Mark Hood and Nolan Bushnell who have assembled a team of interactive industry veterans.


Reframe It, Inc.

Reframe It, Inc. is the social network in the margin of the internet. We are a web-based technology that creates a virtual margin and social network alongside 40 billion web pages where users can highlight any content, and with or without permission of the website, and create and share comments about that content. Similar to writing in the margin of a book, the comments are saved right next to the content that is highlighted and can be shared with whomever the commenter wishes. Our technology solves a fundamental problem for the readers of online news and information by allowing people to talk in context right next to any web content.



Pet owners want products and services curated for the unique needs of their pets. Companies want to know their customers on a deeper level to drive sales growth. Scollar is an open platform AI engine that facilitates thousands of transactions between the pet owner and the company in a multi-vendor marketplace of tens of thousands of products and services, which culminates in a complete pet profile created using Scollar's 1st party data. Scollar enables the pet owner to find everything they need for their pet in one convenient, cost effective ecosystem. And Scollar provides companies with a complete understanding of their customer so they can improve their offerings and target their customer accurately to increase sales.


Sensor Platforms, Inc.

Sensor Platforms, Inc. enables sensor applications, providing technologies that both reduce the cost and time of sensor application development and improve sensor performance. Its revolutionary suite of technical products facilitates, for the first time, low-cost, time-efficient production of sensor applications.


Shyft Moving (Formerly Crater)

Shyft Moving revolutionizes the way moving companies find consumers, perform on site surveys and provide quotes. Web scheduling of virtual surveys and searchable tagged videos save movers time and money and provide consumers more convenience. Moving companies save time, money and have more visibly in what is now a $4B costly process.


SkillMil utilizes a competitively unique technology from SRI International to quantify the % match of a job candidate to the requirements of a job posting—and exactly what the list of skills, training, and experience that is missing for a 100% match. This means a hiring manager can screen just for candidates that are 85% matches, or higher—or lower. It also provides the companies with an HR compliance capability not currently present in ANY other job matching platform.


Sonoma Coast Winery LP

Sonoma Coast Winery LP is a newly formed partnership created to fund the winery started in 2002 under the name Sonoma Coast Vineyards & Winery, LLC. The company produces and markets wine brands under the trade names of Sonoma Coast Vineyards and Fire Station Red.

Under the SCV label, the winery makes world class Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc under the direction of acclaimed winemaker Anthony Austin. With specialization and focus on a cold climate style, the SCV brand is known for complex and elegant wines that take full advantage of the unique characteristics of the Extreme Sonoma Coast.

Under the Fire Station Red (FSR) brand, the company produces Shiraz (Syrah) and Zinfandel and soon other varietals. Millennials, who represent the target market, love the price point, the packaging, the message, and the wines. FSR wines are food friendly, and are positioned as the perfect backyard barbeque wine.


Sonoma Sparkler

Sonoma Sparkler is an award-winning maker of premium sparkling juice beverages. The company’s mission is to become the #1 non-alcoholic celebration beverage in America.



Sugarshots produces a line of liquid cane sugars for the premium coffee and tea markets. It currently has national accounts, distribution and representation in both foodservice and grocery retail.

Harvest Thermal

Harvest Thermal delivers the lowest carbon home heating and hot water, cutting emissions by 90% and bills by 40%, positioning us to capture the growing market for clean electric home heating and hot water solutions. We have strong traction with a pipeline of 300 homes and a strong IP moat with 5 patents pending. We are raising a seed round of $1.5M as a convertible note and are currently 55% full.


Traffic School Online, Inc. is the nation’s first online driver improvement company, starting back in 1997. Currently we operate in over 15 states and growing. In addition to driver improvement, has expanded its services to Drivers’ Education for new drivers with its program. Both sites can be reached at



TrueRev's cloud-based software enables companies to successfully manage all of their customer subscriptions in one place. Designed for modern businesses operating in today’s "subscription economy", you can now manage orders, billing, revenue recognition and subscription analytics for the entire customer lifecycle on a single platform.



Based in Novato, California, Trym is the first farm management software designed specifically for cannabis. Their intuitive mobile and web based platform helps cultivators across all aspects of their operation, including managing their team, simplifying compliance reporting, tracking environmental conditions in the grow, and analyzing harvest results to improve yields and consistency. With over 2.1 million square feet of cannabis cultivation under management, across eight states, Trym has achieved meaningful product/market fit and gained significant traction.



Validare is the leader in a new wave of change in healthcare. By helping physicians set up an accredited office based surgery in their practice, Validare helps assure patient safety, creates new revenue for the physician, and lowers the cost for the payers. Validare supplies proprietary Internet tools, content, and domain experts to manage the entire process from accreditation preparation, through compliance maintenance, to collecting a facility fee on behalf of the facility.


Vino Volo

Vino Volo (derived from “wine flight” in Italian) is a high-end wine tasting and retail concept for airports, providing a sophisticated environment for air travelers to taste hand-selected wines while they wait to board their flights. With a goal to open 50 Vino Volo locations in 5 years, the company has opened two stores in Washington DC and Seattle, WA, and three more openings are scheduled in Sacramento, Baltimore, and New York over the coming six months.



VinoShipper is a cloud-based compliance & logistics application for wineries bringing simplicity to the process of direct to consumer sales.

Business Summary: was established in December 2006, it has created a cloudbased compliance, sales and logistics application for small and medium sized wineries. With its unique structure combining a software company with a licensed wine wholesaler/retailer the VinoShipper application can be utilized for Special Event Fundraisers as demonstrated by the Stanford University Alumni Wine Program it has been running since 2011.


Webview, Inc.

Webview markets machine vision technology to industries such as plastics, paper, glass, metals, etc. for continuous process inspection in conjunction with Internet based information systems enhancing global manufacturing competitiveness.



Wherefour makes it easy for manufacturers to start a traceability program and pay attention to the metrics required to succeed. We bring manufacturing software out of the 90s and into the modern world of mobile and cloud-connected tools that match the needs of today's workforce.


Work Truck Solutions

Auto dealers pay Work Truck Solution monthly to show their commercial inventory online and to network with other dealers. Data on these finished work trucks is not collected in this $170B industry – so supply chain stakeholders: dealers, manufacturers, distributors and OEMs cannot efficiently market, plan or deliver the right truck, to the right customer, at the right time. WTS is collecting this data and solving their pain.


xfive (Formerly Webvanta)

Webvanta provides a hosted web service that combines content management, a special database system we call the KnowledgeBase, and community features. Webvanta eliminates up-front development costs while empowering the designer to deliver sites without hiring a developer. Webvanta provides a range of back-web services for creating, organizing, presenting, and maintaining large amounts of content. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, all infrastructure is provided by Webvanta in a state-of-the-art facility, relieving customers of all concerns about hosting, backup, security and maintenance.



Your Fare is an online ordering management software for restaurants. What we do is streamline all the different 3rd party delivery services like GrubHub, DoorDash and UberEats into one simple user-friendly platform. Your Fare sends all the restaurants’ orders directly to the restaurants point of sale system or to a single tablet.

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