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The North Bay Angels (NBA) has been continuously operating since 1998.

The North Bay Angels was formed by a group of North Bay executives and professionals to fill a growing need to provide a forum for learning about and making early stage investment capital (seed capital) and advisory assistance (mentoring) available to entrepreneurial companies in the North Bay.

Our Vision

The NBA vision is to be a forum for active angel investors to meet quality entrepreneurs who have developed innovative concepts, products, services or projects that need investment capital and mentoring to flourish and grow. Our primary goal is to promote the growth of emerging companies that have promise to become large, successful enterprises which add new jobs to the economy and provide a return on investment for our members. If we provide the seed capital and mentoring needed to promote promising companies, our hope is that many of these companies will maintain their headquarters here.

The North Bay has become a center of early stage, growth companies in the communications, medical, and other technical areas. Several have grown into successful public companies that maintain their headquarters here. This phenomenon has changed our local business landscape. We can maintain and even grow this positive economic change, if we, North Bay, civic-minded angels, provide the seed capital and mentoring needed to promote promising companies. Institutional venture capital funds have grown to a size that makes it difficult for these firms to be "seed" investors. Once companies have "matured", financing can become available through traditional means. The NBA fills this "gap" in the financing spectrum.

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